Transform Apartment Dwelling into Community Life!

It is a lot of work for property managers to plan and execute resident events on an ongoing basis. Many managers are only able to pull off 1 or 2 per year. They know that this is important but it is so hard to find the time and even desire to spend the time, when there is so much to do at their property!


Eric and Kim learned this first hand when they were placed as a team to serve an apartment community in Mill Creek, WA.  In spite of being a 388 unit property with a full staff, the staff was always busy, and planning events was haphazard.  In one month, the structure of having a dedicated Community Team increased the attendance from 6 to 35 residents at the monthly dinner. (We use this figure as the best gauge for success in resident engagement, as community meals are the only type of event that is open to the entire community.)

By the third month, they were averaging 60 at breakfasts and the summer bbq.  With events happening weekly, they found the sense of community growing steadily, and the occupancy increasing as more and more residents were referring friends to move to the community.

After a year, the property was doing really well, and the developer was ready to sell.  The company who purchased the property were excited about all that was happening at the property, and decided to keep the program.

Around this time, the company Eric and Kim, and other teams were working for also needed to leave the market.  But Eric and Kim weren’t ready for the fun to end.  They knew what a difference it had made for both residents and the staff.  After much consideration, they launched Community Northwest in January of 2005, and the management company who had bought their property gave them a chance to prove themselves.  By the third year, the participation from residents had doubled, with 130 residents attending the annual summer BBQ.  The management team was able to increase rents, and satisfaction and retention rates were steady and strong.

 Eric and Kim Lee, founders of Community Northwest, have a passion for building community and putting on fantastic events!

Community Northwest has continued to grow since 2005, and the passion for serving their community has spread to over 100+ teams through the years!  We hear regularly how appreciated the help and support is.  And residents appreciate the connections made as well.  In fact, Kim and Eric are still in contact with residents we served years ago, and we all remember with great fondness the memories made at that amazing community!


Our Mission & Vision


Our mission is to make every apartment resident feel welcomed, comfortable, and connected to their community. We are encouraging all residents to Transform Apartment Dwelling into Community Life!


At Community Northwest, we see a day when every Apartment Complex in the Pacific Northwest is transformed into vibrant Apartment Communities of people who care for one another.

 Community Northwest's on-site Community Teams produce quality event flyers inviting residents to regular events within their apartment community.

Our Values


Deliver WOW Through Service:

We strive to be people of hospitality, that provide the best possible experience for all people that come in contact with Community Northwest.


Create Community:

We believe that everyone was created by God to live in community, and that connections made at events can transform the living experience for residents from anonymity to a vibrant caring Community.


Do Great Things With What We are Given:

We view everything we have as God's, and as such, strive to use it respectfully and with the highest standards in mind, from utilizing the budget monies provided to taking care of the clubhouse where events are hosted.


Build a Positive Team that feels like Family:

Everyone that works for Community Northwest is treated like family. We strive to care for and love one another, as a principle of our faith. Our Community Teams meet monthly to live this out and be there for one another.


Build Real Relationships:

We seek to care about each person and not just view them as a number. We view each person as someone that God sees as valuable.


Be Passionate, Yet Humble:

We view our skills and abilities as gifts from God and strive to humbly use them to serve others.


*Community Northwest fully respects the rights of all people to express their faith or non-faith as they choose.  Community Teams acknowledge and respect the privacy of residents and do not discuss spiritual matters unless at the initiation or consent of the residents. Our goal for every event and resident interaction is for everyone to feel comfortable, welcomed, and included in the community as a whole.


Increase Your Resident Retention Rates Without Lifting A Finger


Let us introduce ourselves

Meet the Team

 Evan Happel, Community Northwest Executive Director

Evan Happel

Executive Director

Evan has served with Community Northwest since 2009, first as a Community Team member for nearly 3 years and now as Executive Director. He is excited about the mission of Community Northwest and seeing apartment communities transformed.

 Kim Lee, VP of Operations and Founder

Kim Lee

VP of Operations and Founder

Kim has been hosting parties since high school, and has always enjoyed bringing people together.  When she and Eric got married that passion grew, and hospitality became something they really enjoyed doing together. The discovery of an organization that builds community in apartments was exciting and surprising.  It was the fulfillment of a dream job she never knew existed.  Now she has come to love serving the multifamily industry, and training teams to engage residents successfully.

 Eric Lee, VP of Personnel Development and Founder

Eric Lee

VP of Personnel Development and Founder

Eric loved to be in the kitchen at events.  He enjoyed chatting with everyone as they came through the line.  By coming to terms with how an introvert can still love engaging with people, and realizing that it can be a true gift to be a great listener, he has found joy in helping Community Team members to find their strengths and work together well as a team instead of fighting their differences.

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