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Our Services


We prescreen and train community-minded teams that live and breathe hospitality. They have a passion for building relationships among residents. These connections anchor them to your community and reduce the likelihood of them moving out. All done without adding to your work load.

  Food Events   1 per month. Breakfast or Dinner.

Community Meals

Meals like an Italian Feast or Breakfast Club can bring together a wide range of residents.


Targeted group Events

By targeting residents with similar interests, we find natural connection points for residents.


Welcome & Renewal visits

At-the-door visits that connect residents, and include satisfaction surveys shared with the management.


Care for & build community with neighbors

Community Teams look for ways to help the connections go beyond an initial connection at an event.



Administrative support

Calendar creation, event fund expense tracking and accountability, weekly Event reporting, ongoing training and support of team.


*These services are based on our "Standard" Community Building Program. Ask us about a modified or reduced program that meets your needs.


“Long lost are the days of stressing over putting together a resident event: planning, shopping and prepping.  The staff at the communities can focus on operations, leasing, and customer service while CNW does the heavy lifting.”

Erin Heathers, Regional Manager


We Create an Impact



  • Residents feel lonely and isolated

  • Residents leave as soon as their rent increases
  • Apartment Managers feel over-extended as they try to plan events on top of their full work-load
  • Potential residents pass your property by for newer Apartment Complexes with more amenities.


  • Residents feel anchored by their relationships
  • Residents renew their leases despite rent increases
  • Apartment Managers feel in-touch with the needs of their residents and have time to manage their properties well
  • The value of your property increases for potential residents, edging out your competition

Current Locations: Washington and Oregon

Community Northwest is currently serving 25 apartment communities, spread throughout the Puget Sound Region. We also now serve the Portland Metro Area! We serve all conventional properties from garden style to mid-rise to high-rise. We serve all people no matter their background or age. We are at your service!


Current Clients Include:

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